Our price of $1600 includes:

  • Set up for four soundings at each location.
  • Data acquisition
  • Data processing
  • A completed report
  • Travel expenses up to 50 miles from Bozeman, MT
A minimum of four soundings is required to schedule a survey.  Each additional sounding per site is $400.00.

Discounts offered verbally or in writing will be applied at the time of payment.  A discount can be applied to surveys of 30 or more soundings scheduled for the same client.

Travel expenses, up to 50 miles from Bozeman, are reflected in the above prices.  Locations that require more than 150 miles travel may incur additional costs depending on the survey's total size, distance traveled, and lodging.

Survey results are compiled into a detailed written report and includes an interpretation of the overall potential for each sounding site and estimated depth.  The report is mailed within 10 business days following the onsite survey.  For an additional 20% cost, it can be prepared within one week of data collection (five business days).

Payment is due prior to completion of onsite surveys unless other arrangements are made.

Schedule:  Call  1-406-580-3372 (cell) or 1(406) 556-1957 to set up a survey and discuss scheduling.  You can also email me at waterlocators@aol.com.  Please try to schedule at least 1 to 4 weeks in advance if possible.

Success:  Our tests are not fool-proof, but we do have a track record that is encouraging.  If our data indicates an area has good potential for a productive well, 75 - 80% of the time the drilling has been successful.