Well going dry?

The Penney's of Livingston, MT had a failing well and were tired of hauling water.  Our aquifer survey data revealed a new site where they now have a 6.5 GPM (gallon per minute) well at 360 feet deep.

Having trouble locating water?

In Williston, ND a construction project was under the gun, with 2 dry holes on their 3 acres, both to 300 feet or more.  We tested 8 sites on their property and located an area with some good potential.  When they drilled they got almost 50 gpm at 80 feet according to the well driller!

L. Dimmick had two dry holes on her 5 acre parcel.  Utilizing our technology we located a site on her property where a 180 foot well produces 10 GPM!

Worrying about water before you purchase?

The Roden's well driller recommended our services after a 300 foot dry hole was drilled less that a mile from the property they wanted to purchase near Lima, MT.  Using our data on their 209 acre parcel, they now have two great wells, one producing 10 GPM at 260 feet, and another at 275 feet producing 18 GPM!